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September 19, 2017 | 11:10am EST

Julianne Moore Couldn’t Believe Surreal First Encounter With Elton John On Kingsman Set

Julianne Moore will always remember her first encounter with singer Elton John on the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle because it was so bizarre.
The Oscar-winning actress has joined the Kingsman spy franchise as the main villain Poppy, the head of a drug cartel, who has her own small town calledPoppyLand hidden in the Cambodian jungle, complete with diner, salon and theater, where Elton…

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Elisabeth Moss Joins Abortion Drama Call Jane

Elisabeth Moss has signed up to play the lead in upcoming real-life women’s rights…

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David Hasselhoff Wants To Cut Off Support Payments To Ex-wife

Actor David Hasselhoff is seeking to end his monthly alimony payments to his ex-wife…

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Demi Lovato Too Embarrassed To Tell Snoop Dogg To Stop Smoking Weed At Her House Party

Demi Lovato let rapper Snoop Dogg smoke weed inside her house party because she…