Ashton Kutcher’s Website Bosses Accused Of Plagiarism

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August 11, 2014 | 3:55am EST

Actor Ashton Kutcher’s viral content website A+ is at the centre of a new scandal after editors were accused of plagiarising news stories.
The Two and a Half Men star is a co-founder and investor of A+ (, an aggregate website which features viral articles, videos, photos and more from around the world.
However, in a recent article featured on online newspaper Daily Dot, site editors pointed out that several stories featured on A+ are eerily similar to those previously posted on popular sites such as The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and Cracked.
The Daily Dot even posted screenshots of the original articles and the A+ stories, which are duplicated verbatim and do not credit a source.
Kutcher’s fellow co-founder Evan Beard tells the Daily Dot that the company’s bosses take “these allegations seriously and are looking into them”.
As a result of the allegations, all the content posted prior to July, 2014 has now been deleted, which Beard says was “taken down as a precautionary measure”.
A+ launched in 2011, and had a relaunch in 2013, with Kutcher promoting the site on both his Twitter and Facebook accounts in the past.


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