Colin Farrell: ‘Every Day Should Be Valentine’s Day’

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February 14, 2014 | 2:17pm EST

Actor Colin Farrell isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day because he doesn’t believe men and women should need a romantic reminder once a year.
People need to take love and romance much more seriously, according to the actor, and every day should be a mini-Valentine’s Day.
He tells WENN, “Love is possibly underrated and the importance of it and how it’s prevalence in a single person’s life or in a shared community can make incredible changes and promote the idea of peace and harmony in a society or a person’s individual existence.
“I think love has to be the one thing that defines us as human beings; our ability to care for each other, our ability to demonstrate, through acts of compassion, a concern for your fellow man.
“But Valentine’s Day; I don’t even know what that’s about. I mean it’s an excuse… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with flowers or chocolate covered cherries, but it would be nice if it didn’t take a commercially-promoted holiday for people to extend themselves in gestures of love.”
Farrell is set to get hearts fluttering this Valentine’s Day as the star of new movie romance Winter’s Tale.


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