Reeves In Awe Of Co-star Caan

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January 16, 2011 | 8:15pm EST

Keanu Reeves was delighted to land James Caan as his co-star in new movie Henry’s Crime – because he’s always idolised the veteran actor.
The Speed star produces and leads the thriller, alongside Caan and actress Vera Farmiga, and he admits working with his icon was overwhelming.

He tells Britain’s The One Show, “I was producer on the film, I helped develop the script… we sent it to James Caan, to Vera Farmiga. He came to my house for a reading which was really cool and he liked it.

“I grew up watching his films: Thief, Rollerball, The Godfather. I’m a fan of his and to get the chance to stand next to him, to work with him – it’s like, ‘Wow, I’m acting with James Caan!’ He’s so good, but he’s so unique – so there’s something you can just marvel at, but you can’t do what he does.

“He has this ability to feel very real and authentic. He puts you right there. He’s so charming and dynamic. I could just go along on the James Caan ride.”