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May 22, 2018 | 11:12am EST

Terry Crews Has Forgiven Alleged Groper

Terry Crews has forgiven the Hollywood agent who allegedly groped him – but wants him held accountable in the interests of justice.
The football player turned action star spoke out last year after the #MeToo campaign prompted him to go public with his own experience of harassment. He alleged talent agency executive Adam Venit grabbed and squeezed his genitals at a party in 2016. Venit…

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Sir Anthony Hopkins Hasn’t Spoken To His Daughter In Twenty Years

Sir Anthony Hopkins has admitted he hasn’t spoken to his only child, Abigail Harrison,…

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Katie Lowes Suffered A Miscarriage

Scandal star Katie Lowes suffered a miscarriage before welcoming her son last year (17).

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Katy Perry: ‘I’m Not Single!’

Katy Perry has confirmed she’s no longer “single” adding weight to rumors the Roar…