50 Cent Raises $1,000 By Shovelling Snow, Posing For Photos

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February 10, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Enterprising 50 Cent raised $1,000 by taking to the streets of Queens, New York and shovelling snow from driveways.
The rapper recently posted a photo of him at work clearing his grandmother’s driveway online and invited neighborhood kids to come and join him – and they made a small fortune from their celebrity snow day activities.

The rapper says, “I gave them the money… This was for them.

“We made $1,000. We shovelled 10 houses in the neighborhood and I was saying, ‘You can take a picture of me, but we’ll charge you.’

“People were calling their friends and saying, ‘You ain’t gonna believe this but 50 is shovelling my driveway’.”