50 Cent Won’t Make A Play For Crush Helen Mirren While Husband Is Alive

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August 21, 2018 | 6:54pm EST

50 Cent has ruled out making a play for his Hollywood crush Dame Helen Mirren until after her husband dies.
The rapper has made it clear in the past that he has deep feelings for the Oscar winner, who at 73 is 30 years older than the In Da Club hitmaker, but he’s too much of a gentleman to considerbreaking up her marriage.
Mirren wed filmmaker Taylor Hackford in 1997, and he was “not far behind” the actress when she started flirting with 50 during a meeting at the Cannes Film Festival a few years ago.
“Old Hollywood is rich and sexy…,” the rapper told Conan O’Brien during an appearance on his U.S. late night show on Monday. “She looked at me and this interesting thing was going on in her eyes. She knows she’s sexy!”
But asked if he was interested in a liaison with his crush, he took the high road, stating, “As long as he’s (Hackford) alive, I wouldn’t say yes. It’s not right… It’s not the right thing to do.”