Aaron Paul: ‘I Dated An Alcoholic’

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October 22, 2012 | 8:56pm EST

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul didn’t have to dig too deep to play an alcoholic in new movie Smashed – he once dated a girl with a drinking problem.
Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead play a boozy couple in the new film, and the actor admits the role came easy to him because he had a lot of experience of dating someone suffering with alcoholism.
He tells WENN, “She was a severe alcoholic and I ended up going to AA meetings with her all the time. I told her I would go cold sober just to try it. I really tried to save her.
“Alcohol, definitely at the end of the day, destroyed our relationship. Alcohol is an evil substance and it’s a serious problem all over the place.”
And Paul believes his new film would be a good one to show to recovering alcoholics battling to stay sober: “This would be a great film to show at AA meetings. It’s not a scared straight story, but it’s about two young kids having issues. I think this would be a good film for someone who has a substance abuse problem to watch.”