Adele’s Father Diagnosed With Cancer

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September 8, 2013 | 9:29am EST

Adele’s estranged father has renewed his pleas for a reconciliation with the British singer following his diagnosis with bowel cancer.
Mark Evans, who split from Adele’s mother Penny when the star was just three years old, has been attempting to mend their broken relationship, but the pair remain estranged.
Evans has now revealed he is battling cancer and has undergone surgery to have a number of tumours removed from his stomach and bowel. He is currently awaiting the results of further tests before his treatment continues and he has issued a heartfelt plea to his daughter, requesting to meet his 11-month-old grandson, Angelo, before it is too late.
Evans tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “I was not there for my daughter when I should have been. I have regretted that every second of every day. It tears me up inside. I still haven’t met Angelo and I’m facing the fact I may never do (sic). It could be over before I get to make my peace with Adele… I didn’t want to worry Adele about the cancer, but it looks like she’s not going to speak to me so I’ve no way of telling her (than through the media)…
“Trying to get hold of my daughter is like trying to call the U.S. President… I haven’t got (Adele’s) number… I sent her birthday cards via her record label, but never heard back.”
Adele gave birth to Angelo, her first child with her partner Simon Konecki, last October.