Affleck Issues Apology To Hometown

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September 16, 2010 | 2:50pm EST

Ben Affleck has offered up his new film The Town as a long-awaited apology to angry residents in Boston, Massachusetts after coming under fire for shutting down the city for the shoot.
The actor closed down blocks in the busy North End to film high-speed chase scenes for the action movie, enraging former fans in his very own hometown.

And he hopes the completed bank heist film will make up for the inconvenience – because it’s now turned Boston into an even more popular tourist destination.

He tells the Boston Herald, “This movie is nothing if not a long apology to the people of the North End.”

But Affleck insists he isn’t to blame for all of the setbacks, adding: “When you’re blocking up traffic, where we parked, how much we smashed, how much we burned the cars – it just got very, very hard to do. Then to make matters worse – it rained. So we kept postponing and postponing. We’d close all the streets and then we wouldn’t be shooting.

“Now the North End is a great tourist destination and they’re making a lot of money, so we’re taking money out of people’s wallets. Anyway, I’m sorry. I hope that they like it.”