Al Jourgensen To Enter Rehab For Alcohol Abuse

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January 20, 2014 | 2:11pm EST

Ministry rocker Al Jourgensen will be taking a step back from the spotlight next month to battle alcohol dependency in rehab.
The star, who has struggled with heroin addiction in the past, admitted he had been abusing alcohol last year, and now he’s keen to get clean and sober.
He took to at the weekend to inform fans about his decision to enter rehab, writing, “I’ve just been informed I will be checking in on Feb 3… so I can get s**tfaced watching the Super Bowl on the 2nd.”
He added, “My sobriety will not and I repeat not knock off my sarcasm… if anything… it will intensify… I appreciate the support from my brother and family… kicked dope and crack by myself… but I need help on this one… so all your thoughts and prayers are more than welcome… thanx (sic)!”
Jourgensen’s bandmates also commented on the news, writing, “Dear Ministry Fans! Uncle Al has made the decision to go to rehab to address his alcohol issues. We were really trying to keep this a private family affair and not a media frenzy; however, your crazy Uncle Al posted about it yesterday on his FB page, so now it’s out.
“Of course we always want to let Ministry fans be the first to know about things, but this got away from us. We hope that you will join us… in wishing Al the very best and giving him your full support in his journey towards sobriety. We are all very, very proud of him”.
In 2012, Jourgensen underwent surgery for 13 bleeding ulcers, but continued to drink despite his near-death experience.
He told, “I’m only allowed two bottles of wine a day now. And it doesn’t even get to that. It’s about a bottle and a half, and that seems to be good along with the medicine I have to take every day for the rest of my life.”