Aldridge Buys Mum’s Playboy Jet Bunny Suit

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November 21, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Supermodel Lily Aldridge has tracked down the flight attendant outfit her mother wore as a Playboy “jet bunny”.
The Victoria’s Secret stunner’s mom Laura Lyons was a Playmate in the mid-1970s and she also trained to become a flight attendant representing the publication.

And now her daughter has bought the outfit mom wore while flying the friendly skies.

She says, “I bought it, just to have it back in the family.”

And Aldridge admits she has fond memories of growing up the daughter of a model: “She was always on the go, but she still made time to make our lunches and take us on trips, and whenever we traveled she made sure we went to the museums and took in the culture and the food.”