Alec Baldwin Was ‘alarmed’ By Alleged Stalker’s Behavior

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November 7, 2013 | 2:17pm EST

Alec Baldwin turned to police for help after becoming “alarmed” by the actions of an alleged stalker, who was arrested twice last year, a court has heard.
Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin, 40, is facing trial in New York next week, amid accusations she bombarded the former 30 Rock star with emails, and made unwelcome visits to his Manhattan home after they enjoyed dinner together in 2010.
Baldwin insisted his initial meetings with Sabourin were purely business, but the actress, who violated a restraining order against her last autumn, claims otherwise.
Pre-trial hearings began in Manhattan Criminal Court this week, and on Thursday, officials heard testimony from Detective Francis Brennan, who revealed Baldwin was even forced to get rid of his old cell phone in an effort to stop Sabourin from contacting him.
Brennan said, “(Baldwin had) been alarmed since she’s been showing up at functions unannounced and he was in fear for his safety… He said he received hundreds of text messages on his phone and he was receiving emails from her basically telling him to leave his wife and to live with her. He got rid of his phone – the phone she kept calling.”
Sabourin, who has protested her innocence, rejected a plea deal which would have kept her out of jail in April, and she now faces up to 90 days behind bars if convicted.
Baldwin and his wife, new mom Hilaria, are both expected to testify at the trial next week.