Alexandra Paul Ordered To Stay Away From Fan

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November 5, 2013 | 7:29am EST

Baywatch star Alexandra Paul’s legal spat with an obsessed fan has taken a bizarre twist – the woman has been granted a restraining order against the actress.
Paul was given an order of protection against German national Nicole Albrecht in August after accusing her of waiting at her house, leaving gifts at the home, and following her at a local pool.
The star agreed to drop the order in September after Albrecht promised to avoid any further contact and to stay at least 50 feet (15 metres) away from the star at a gym they both use in Pacific Palisades, California.
However, it has now emerged Albrecht has bizarrely gained a restraining order against the actress, prohibiting the star from threatening, intimidating or stalking her after they clashed at a swimming pool in California last month.
According to editors at, the star reportedly ordered the Albrecht to leave the area, but when she refused, Paul broke the terms of their agreement by coming too close to her during a heated exchange of words.
The German woman has since taken legal steps and a restraining order has been issued against Paul, according to the website.