Alien Designer H. R. Giger Dies

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May 13, 2014 | 7:26am EST

H. R. Giger, the designer behind the terrifying monster from the Alien franchise, has died aged 74.
The Swiss artist passed away on Monday from injuries he sustained in a fall at his home in Zurich, according to local reports.
After studying architecture and industrial design, he became well known for his futuristic and shocking artwork.
His Necronom IV painting served as inspiration for the predatory extraterrestrial which terrified fans in Ridley Scott’s 1980 classic Alien. The creature, known as a Xenomorph, went on to evolve throughout the hit series.
Giger also worked on 1992’s Aliens 3 and Alien Resurrection in 1997, as well as working as a designer on Dune, Batman Forever, Species and Prometheus.
He also designed album covers for musicians, including the iconic artwork featured on Debbie Harry’s debut solo album Koo Koo in 1981.