Allen Plays Last Gig

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August 9, 2010 | 12:00pm EST

Pregnant Lily Allen was forced to wear sneakers for her final concert at the weekend – after her boyfriend banned her from stepping out in high heels.

The Smile singer usually dons glamorous dresses and towering stilettos for her live performances but she appeared in Converse pumps, a plaid shirt and jeans when she headlined the Big Chill festival in Herefordshire, England on Sunday.

And she confessed she wore the dowdy outfit following a request from her protective boyfriend, painter/decorator Sam Cooper.

She told the crowd: “Excuse my casual attire but I’m pregnant and this is called the Big Chill. I packed high heels but my boyfriend unpacked them. He told me I’m not wearing high heels on stage. So that explains the jeans and lumberjack look.”

Allen’s set at the event is expected to be her last before she takes a hiatus from music to concentrate on motherhood and various business ventures.

The pop star announced last week that she and Cooper were expecting their first child next year.