Alyssa Milano Unsure If She Will Ever Discuss Her Sexual Assault In Public

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October 19, 2017 | 3:13pm EST

Actress Alyssa Milano doubts she will ever feel comfortable detailing her own experience with sexual assault, despite spearheading a new movement online in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.
The Charmed star has helped to popularise the #MeToo campaign on social media after urging her Twitter followers to share their stories using the hashtag in a bid to encourage more open discussion about sex abuse and harassment.
Alyssa used the hashtag herself to identify as a victim of such behavior, but she has yet to publicly go into specifics about a traumatic incident in her past which required her to seek therapy – and she may never do so.
“I don’t know if I will ever publicly share my story,” she admitted to breakfast show Good Morning America as she discussed the #MeToo movement, which was originally started by activist Tarana Burke back in 2007.
“Of course I’ve done my own healing and been through counseling, and have a great support system in my life, but really, this was about showing that this happens everywhere; that it’s not just Hollywood, that it’s not just actresses, that it’s women in Wall Street, that it’s women in a hospital, it’s caretakers, it’s women walking down the street.”
Alyssa insists her experiences with abusive behavior aren’t limited to Hollywood, claiming, “I’ve been harassed so many times I can’t count” – and she is now planning to work with Tarana to bring an end to the culture of silence which has prevented sexual predators from being exposed and prosecuted.
“I think it’s really important that… what the #MeToo campaign really does and what Tarana Burke has really enabled us all to do is put the focus back on the victims, to give us a voice, to give us strength, to give us power,” she explains. “What that enables us to do and say (is) no more, no more. We’re not gonna put up with this anymore. We’re gonna be vocal until this stops. Not one more; it stops here.”
Since Alyssa first tweeted about the #MeToo campaign last Sunday, stars like Lady Gaga, Evan Rachel Wood, Anna Paquin, and Debra Messing have followed her lead, while actress America Ferrera used the movement as motivation to reveal she was sexually assaulted at the age of nine.