Andrew Garfield Makes Surprise Appearance In London Play

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April 10, 2014 | 11:19am EST

Hollywood star Andrew Garfield surprised London theater-goers on Wednesday night with an unannounced cameo in an interactive play.
The Punchdrunk theater company hosts unique stage shows in which the audience has to move around the performance space and interact with the actors.
The Amazing Spider-Man star unexpectedly appeared during a performance of the company’s production The Drowned Man, which is staged across four floors in a London office building.
Garfield featured as part of the supporting cast whose job is to add intrigue and distractions for the audience while the lead stars act out the play’s tragic love story.
The movie star isn’t the only celebrity to unexpectedly appear in a Punchdrunk production – singer Florence Welch made a similarly unannounced appearance as a supporting actor in The Drowned Man at the end of March.