Angelina Jolie’s Stunt Double Sues Over Phone Hacking Claim

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June 18, 2013 | 11:22am EST

Angelina Jolie’s former stunt double is suing Rupert Murdoch’s UK newspaper group over claims she was targeted in the phone hacking scandal because of her close relationship with the Hollywood actress.
Eunice Huthart, who worked with Jolie on films including Wanted and Mr and Mrs Smith, alleges her cell phone messages from the star were intercepted by a private detective working for Murdoch’s News International group, the company behind now-defunct U.K. tabloid the News of the World.
She claims to have been targeted because of her links to the Hollywood star, as they often “often traveled and socialised together”, according to a civil claim she filed against the company in the US on 13 June.
Huthart alleges that over the period of 2004-2005, many of her messages from Jolie, which often involved travel details, didn’t get through to her and she suggests details were printed in one of News International’s newspapers.
In the complaint, Huthart states her belief that her cell phone was targeted “as a means to obtain information about Ms Jolie”.
The scandal erupted in 2011 when allegations emerged suggesting hundreds of celebrities and members of the public had been targeted by a hacker working for Murdoch’s newspaper empire.
Many stars, including Hugh Grant and Jude Law, have won damages after taking their grievances to court.