Anthony Anderson Badgers Oprah Winfrey With Pointless Phone Calls

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February 23, 2018 | 11:10am EST

Oprah Winfrey gets annoyed with Anthony Anderson when he calls her for no real reason.
The former talk show host made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night, with host Jimmy recalling how he and the Black-ish star once left a voice message on her phone.
Oprah admitted that she never listens to her messages and simply deletes them, but wasn’t surprised that Anthony tried to get in touch as he phones her regularly.
“Anthony Anderson also calls me and says, ‘My daughter’s here, would you just FaceTime with my daughter?’ And I tried to and I called back on FaceTime and he goes, ‘Oh, she went to the store. Can you call back and FaceTime later?'” she said, adding that she’ll call the actor back only to find that his daughter still isn’t there.
During her interview, Oprah confirmed that she has no plans to run for the presidency, after people began campaigning for her to become a candidate after she gave a stirring speech at the Golden Globe Awards last month.
While she found it “humbling” that citizens believed she could run the country, she admitted that it was comments made by her long-time partner Stedman Graham that had fueled the rumors.
“I said, ‘Why are you even talking, Stedman? Stedman, why are you talking?'” the 64-year-old recalled. “So, this is Stedman’s thing now. He’s like, ‘I’ll never go to another Golden Globes. I was just trying to support you at the Golden Globes, next thing I know you’re running for president.’ But he says he heard the reporter say, ‘Would she make a good president?’ Of course, he would never say I should run.”
In addition, Oprah also responded to President Donald Trump’s recent tweet in which he accused her of appearing “very insecure” in an interview with 60 minutes. Accordingly, Jimmy asked the star if she had been “insecure” anytime in the past 35 years, to which she responded, “Not a second.”