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July 7, 2011 | 7:38am EST

WENN acknowledges that it mistakenly facilitated the publication of unfounded allegations regarding the status and professional standing of Omar Amanat, a founding member of the board of directors of Summit Entertainment LLC, the independent studio behind the Twilight Saga trilogy of movies.

We have now ascertained that Mr. Amanat not only controls approximately twenty percent of a company that forms the largest shareholder in Summit Entertainment LLC, but additionally provided or otherwise introduced fifty percent of the equity in that company. He is absolutely not a “Twilight Biz imposter”, but the antithesis of that description.

We also acknowledge Mr. Amanat’s prominent reputation and business connections in the UK, and his extensive international charitable and philanthropic work.

We unreservedly withdraw any such allegations questioning Mr. Amanat’s status and relationship with Summit Entertainment LLC and very much regret the publication of allegations which should never have been published  by us in the first place.

We apologise to Mr. Amanat for any embarrassment or prejudice we may have caused to him and his reputation.  As a mark of our regret we have agreed to pay him damages, which he intends to donate to the charity Malaria No More and to pay his legal costs.