Arquette Learns To Sew

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June 16, 2010 | 5:35pm EST

Actor David Arquette is taking sewing lessons so he can make better clothes.
The Scream star and rocker pal Ben Harper are the brains behind clothing line Propr and Arquette admits he’s so committed to being the best designer he can be, he’s taking classes to improve his skills.

He says, “It’s a little worrying that I’m going into (fabric store) Jo-Ann and geeking out of fabrics and patterns.”

Arquette, who has crafted a series of medical scrubs as jeans for his clothing line, admits there’s one thing holding him back from becoming a budding Calvin Klein: “I have big clumsy fingers.”

And he isn’t stopping at just designing and making Propr clothes – he has partnered up with the founder of photo agency Wire Image to take charge of the company’s promotional shoots.

A keen snapper himself, Arquette tells Nylon Guys magazine, “I called my old friend Jeff Vespa… and he offered to be my (photo) assistant.

“(Actor) Lukas Haas’ younger twin brothers, Niki and Simon, modeled the summer line at my house in Malibu. They were naturals.”