Atkinson Saved By Car’s Structure

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September 19, 2011 | 2:15pm EST

British funnyman Rowan Atkinson has opened up about the terrifying road crash that left him in hospital with a fractured shoulder, insisting his $1 million sports car’s unique design saved him from serious injury.
The Mr. Bean star was left shaken and in agony last month when his McLaren F1 vehicle careered out of control and smashed into a tree and a lamppost in Cambridgeshire, England.

But the car’s unique carbon fiber structure remained intact during the accident, preventing him from suffering worse injuries.

Atkinson tells British magazine Live, “I can’t talk about it much, because it’s still a matter for investigation for insurance reasons. But basically the car span on the wet road and hit a road sign. It was a big bang and not something one would wish to do every day of the week.

“But no other car was involved thankfully, and it would appear that car and driver will mend… It really could have been a lot worse. The McLaren is a rare car, but it’s made entirely of carbon fiber and is unbelievably strong, and that was undoubtedly a big factor. If it had been a steel or aluminum monocoque there would have been a greater risk of injury.”