Avicii Cuts Down On Drinking After Pancreatitis Scare

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March 31, 2013 | 8:41pm EST

Swedish dance music superstar Avicii has cut down on his drinking after he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis last year.
The Levels hitmaker was drinking heavily to calm his nerves before gigs and he eventually developed a daily routine of downing cocktails in the morning, wine in the afternoon and champagne in the evening.
He tells GQ magazine, “You are traveling around, you live in a suitcase, you get to this place (venue), there’s free alcohol everywhere – it’s sort of weird if you don’t drink… I didn’t expect it to last… I just got into a habit, because you rely on that encouragement and self-confidence you get from alcohol, and then you get dependent on it.”
The constant boozing ultimately caught up with his body and the 23 year old, real name Tim Bergling, was hospitalized in New York with “searing” abdominal pain in January, 2012.
Avicii spent 11 days recovering from the disease and now he tries to limit his alcohol intake to prevent future problems.
He admits, “I probably drink more now than I should. But I have a pace. I never drink two days in a row.”
The revelation comes just weeks after the DJ/producer axed a number of shows in Australia following his hospitalisation for “stomach related issues”. He delayed necessary surgery to remove his gall bladder so he could complete his dates Down Under.