Baffled Cannon Didn’t Trust Child Protective Services Official At Hospital

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May 14, 2011 | 4:40am EST

New dad Nick Cannon was suspicious of the Child Protection Services official who showed up at the hospital where his twins were born last month – because he feared the person was a tabloid reporter in disguise.
The CPS representative was there to investigate reports Cannon’s wife Mariah Carey was drinking alcohol and taking heavy medication while breastfeeding her babies.

Angry Cannon still doesn’t know who leaked the bogus story to the tabloids, who in turn informed the authorities.

In truth Carey had been advised to drink stout to help boost breastfeeding.

But the new father admits he knew he had to take the investigation seriously once he checked out the credentials of the visiting CPS worker.

He tells Access Hollywood, “We analyzed the badge… and notified the lawyers. It was very silly at the end of the day.

“I felt really bad for my wife to have to deal with that… but I got the brunt of the investigation.”

Cannon reveals that once the child aid agent was happy the report had been blown out of proportion, he and his wife received an official apology.