Baldwin Fuels Rumors Of Political Move

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January 5, 2011 | 7:30am EST

Alec Baldwin has fuelled speculation he is planning to swap acting for politics when his 30 Rock contract runs out next year, by declaring he is “very, very interested” in pursuing a career change.
Baldwin has long been rumored to be eyeing a run for office and he increased gossip about his future plans in a new interview by discussing his political ambitions.

In a chat with CNN’s Parker Spiter, which aired on Tuesday night, Baldwin says, “(I am) very, very interested (in pursuing a move into politics)…

“I do believe that people want to believe that someone who deeply cares about the middle class… would like to seek public office. We’ve had men who are Ivy League-groomed running this country since 1988. We’ve had 22 years of Yale and Harvard, and the problems aren’t getting solved.”

But Baldwin insists he will struggle to tear himself away from acting, adding, “People would say to me all the time, why would you want to (run for office)? And sometimes I don’t want to do it, because to leave what I’m doing now would be extremely painful.”

Baldwin’s representative has also fuelled rumors the actor will step away from the spotlight after he completes his contracted stint on comedy TV show 30 Rock in 2012, telling New York Post gossip column Page Six, “Alec has a contract with 30 Rock through 2012, and after that he’ll keep his options open.”