Barbra Streisand Still Holding On To Last Hamlisch Note

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September 25, 2012 | 8:46pm EST

Barbra Streisand fears she’ll never be able to scrap a note she left for herself to call composer pal Marvin Hamlisch hours before she learned he had died.
The diva was rehearsing tracks for a new album when her musical director suggested she revamp Hamlisch’s The Way We Were – and she couldn’t wait to tell her old friend that she’d be working with him again.
Appearing on TV chat show Katie on Tuesday, Streisand recalled, “My musical director… said, ‘When we do The Way We Were, why don’t we go back to Marvin’s original orchestration from the film?’ and I thought that was a great idea and a friend of mine sent me a song that he wrote many years ago that was never put into a show and I loved it and I wanna do it on the next album… a duets album.
“I couldn’t wait to tell him that I wanna do that song… I wrote myself a note: ‘Call Marvin’. And when I finished rehearsal at about 11 o’clock at night I tried to call him and I called my friends to try to find out where he was and they hadn’t heard from him either… so I never got to tell him these things and that note is still on my table, because I can’t even let go of the note.”
Hamlisch died on 6 August after a short illness.