Barton’s Fears For The O.C. Fans

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September 9, 2010 | 4:15am EST

Mischa Barton worries her stint on hit teenage drama The O.C. has had a negative influence on young girls who looked up to her rich socialite character.

The actress was just 17 when she landed her breakthrough role as Marissa Cooper, a spoiled high school student who struggles with shoplifting and substance abuse.

And now Barton has regrets about her part in the show – because it prompted viewers to emulate Cooper’s lifestyle and gave rise to a number of real-life shows that glorify teens’ bad behaviour.

She says, “As fun as it was and cool as it was, it spawned all these reality TV shows like The Real O.C. and The Real Laguna or whatever.

“That’s gotten a bit out of control… For me, it’s a bit funny because I feel like I almost aided the problem for young girls and for that genre.”