Beach Boys To Reunite At Grammy Awards

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December 12, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Former The Beach Boys star Al Jardine has revealed his band was supposed to be the subject of the Grammy Awards’ big reunion announcement last month and he has no idea why the major news wasn’t part of the nominations party.
Grammy bosses hinted they’d be breaking a big scoop during the Grammy Nominations Concert Live event in Los Angeles and many experts predicted the announcement would revolve around a Van Halen performance at the awards show in February – but there was no bombshell.

Even bosses apologized, stating, “In the world of creativity, everything is fluid. In the process of discussions that we had been having with an expectation that perhaps we would be at a point tonight where the artist involved and we, moving forward, would be ready to announce (a reunion), they weren’t quite at that point.”

And now Jardine was revealed the big announcement was supposed to revolve around a full Beach Boys reunion at the Grammy Awards.

He tells Rolling Stone, “I thought the Grammys might make the announcement. I don’t know what happened… There will be a surprise at the Grammys. We’ll do something really exciting… It’s going to be a very big operation.”

Jardine tells the publication the original Beach Boys have booked recording studio time this month and he and his old bandmates appear to have put their past differences behind them.

He explains, “That stuff doesn’t permeate the atmosphere. When you’re in the presence of greatness, you don’t wallow in that c**p.”