Beckham Turns Down French Move, Stays In Los Angeles

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January 3, 2012 | 2:20pm EST

The Beckhams are staying in Los Angeles – soccer star and model David Beckham has turned down a deal to end his career in France.
The 36 year old is staying with the Los Angeles Galaxy for at least one more year after talks between him and Paris Saint-Germain bosses fell through.

The news comes almost two months after Beckham led the L.A. Galaxy to victory over the Houston Dynamo in America’s MLS Cup.

Insiders report Beckham felt his wife Victoria, their three sons and baby daughter Harper, who was born in Los Angeles last summer, were settled in the city and he didn’t want to uproot them.

According to U.S. sports network ESPN, Beckham’s new deal is worth $6.5 million.