Beckhams’ Steamy New Perfume Advert

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September 9, 2010 | 11:55am EST

David and Victoria Beckham have shocked fans by enjoying a passionate clinch in a steamy advert for their latest perfume range.

The stars can be seen in the new promo for his-and-hers fragrance, Intimately Beckham Yours, getting into a lift together and moving in for a kiss.

When the lift doors open again the Beckhams appear ruffled and smirking as they step outside, while the soccer star wipes some red lipstick off his face.

The scent, which is the fifth in the couple’s range, aims to “capture the essence of David and Victoria Beckham’s passion and the power of their relationship.”

Last year the pair also appeared in a raunchy promotion for Giorgio Armani underwear as they stripped down for a series of photographs.