Bello In Agony After Breaking Her Tailbone

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January 21, 2011 | 7:00pm EST

Actress Maria Bello is hobbling around Hollywood after breaking her tailbone while snowboarding.
The Cooler star was in Sun Valley, Idaho holidaying with her nine-year-old son when she fell and badly injured her butt.

As a result she has to take an inflatable doughnut pillow with her everywhere, so she can sit in comfort.

She says, “They said it takes six months to heal, maybe… It’s hard to sit down.

“They should tell you to wear a buttpad. They didn’t tell me to wear a buttpad.”

And Bello reveals she’s smiling through the pain as she promotes her new movie The Company Men – because she’s not on any painkillers.

She adds, “I was on them for a couple of days but I found myself really loopy.”