Bieber Accidentally Handed Fan MuchMusic Video Awards Trophy

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June 20, 2012 | 5:56pm EST

MuchMusic Video Awards bosses were forced to track down a Justin Bieber fan after Sunday’s prizegiving in Canada after she walked off with his UR Fave Artist trophy.
The Baby hitmaker had just scooped up the honour at the music event in Toronto when he was swarmed by a group of devotees as he left the stage.
He assumed one fan who grabbed his award was a show official, and he happily surrendered the limited-edition piece – only to learn minutes later that he had handed his prize to an audience member.
Upon realising his mistake, the pop star alerted organisers, who later tracked down the fan and demanded she return the award, according to
Bieber is now reportedly trying to track the crestfallen fan down so he can personally thank her for giving up his award.