Bieber Goes Bald For TV Skit

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February 11, 2011 | 11:31am EST

Justin Bieber gave fans a shock during an appearance on TV – he sported a bald look after presenter Jimmy Kimmel “shaved” the star’s head.
The Baby hitmaker’s trademark long locks have made him a hit with teenage girls, but he showed his humorous side when he allowed the chat show host to take a razor to his scalp on Thursday night.

After a commercial break, viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live! saw Bieber sitting in the studio with a completely bald head, telling the audience: “I kinda like it… I look like Michael Jordan! I think maybe it’s going to help me be more aerodynamic on the basketball court… (Now people) will just focus on my beautiful, silky smooth vocals.

“I think the girls are going to be upset but they will get over it.”

However, Bieber’s legion of young female fans can breathe a sigh of relief – it later emerged the singer had merely been wearing a bald-effect skull covering for the skit.