Bieber Pulls Fireworks Prank On Swift

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March 1, 2012 | 5:56pm EST

Justin Bieber will open his new practical joke TV show by pulling a terrible prank on pal Taylor Swift.
The Baby singer has signed up to front the new season of MTV’s popular series Punk’d, which debuts in America at the end of the month – and he insisted on making the country sweetheart his first target.

In a trailer clip from the episode, Bieber tricks the Swift into setting off fireworks on a beach and she becomes worried and tense when one flare appears to spark a fire onboard a yacht where a mock wedding is taking place.

As wedding guests jump overboard and take safety dinghies to the shore, Swift stomps about, stating, “This is serious.”

When her friend Bieber eventually owns up to the prank, the relieved Love Story singer says, “You’re the worst!”

Bieber also picks on Miley Cyrus and Neil Patrick Harris among others in the new season of Punk’d.