Bieber’s Segway Escape

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July 29, 2010 | 9:55am EST

Justin Bieber has found a crafty way to escape his hordes of female fans – the teen pop star uses an electric Segway to ride away from trouble.

The 16 year old found himself surrounded by devotees in an Arizona parking lot on Sunday ahead of his show in Glendale that night.

And in bid to avoid getting mobbed, the star took off on the two-wheeled contraption to speed away from the crowds.

Video footage taken at the scene shows dozens of young girls chasing after the singer as he rides away, before he’s eventually cornered in a side street and surrounded.

Bieber has previously been forced to cancel concerts and public appearances because of his unruly devotees – overcrowding and safety fears have forced police to step in on several occasions and disperse the crowds.