Black Sabbath To Add US Date To Reunion Plans

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February 24, 2012 | 2:11pm EST

Reunited rockers Black Sabbath will play one show in the US this summer, according to frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s manager wife Sharon.
The group’s reunion tour plans took a hit last month when guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with cancer and a string of planned shows were cut back to one – Britain’s Download festival in June.

But now Sharon Osbourne has revealed the band is set to headline one show in America.

She tells VH1 Radio Network, “They’re gonna be doing one show in America this summer but I can’t say yet (where and when it is) because we can’t announce it, the promoters have to. But they are doing one show in August.”

And Osbourne cannot confirm if the reunion will feature original drummer Bill Ward, who has threatened to quit the band over a contract dispute.

She adds, “We don’t know yet, we really don’t know. It’s up to Bill. The door is open for him to join us, so it’s up to him.”

Osbourne insists the reunion is going well, despite the setbacks, and her husband and his bandmates Iommi and Geezer Butler have already come up with a bunch of new songs for a planned album.

She explains, “They’re doing really well in the studio. Gosh, they must have written 15 new songs already and it’s going great.”