Bling Ring Wannabes Target Paris Hilton’s Beach House

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August 4, 2013 | 6:25pm EST

Paris Hilton almost became the victim of another ‘bling ring’-style burglary last month when a group of opportunists tried to make off with armfuls of the socialite’s designer clothes and accessories following a party at her Malibu, California beach house.
The wannabe thieves crashed the bash, which Hilton threw for friends as a going away party before flying off to Ibiza for a DJing residency, according to
The girls managed to get access to the socialite’s bedroom, and took a liking to her bikinis, handbags and other accessories but dropped their loot outside during a hasty getaway after they were spotted by party guests.
A valet found the stolen items just outside Hilton’s home and handed them over to cops, who returned them to Paris.
No police report was filed.
Hilton was one of the most famous people targeted by Hollywood’s infamous ‘Bling Ring’ gang, who stole clothing, jewellery and money from stars’ homes while they were at parties and events.
Director Sofia Coppola recently made a movie about their exploits and Hilton opened up her home for a scene in the film.