Bolton Shows Comedy Chops As Jack Sparrow In SNL Skit

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May 8, 2011 | 11:35pm EST

Crooner Michael Bolton stole the show on TV’s Saturday Night Live this weekend, dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow to film a hilarious music video.
The singer showed off his hidden talent as a comedian when he teamed up with funnyman Andy Samberg and his comedy rap group The Lonely Island for the digital short Jack Sparrow, a tribute to Johnny Depp’s character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The funny clip featured Bolton singing about his love for the Disney franchise, while he also appeared on a boat dressed head to toe in pirate gear, complete with Sparrow’s signature red bandanna, heavy eyeliner and goatee.

Bolton even went gangster as Tony Montana, portraying Al Pacino’s Scarface character in another entertaining scene.

Meanwhile, 30 Rock star and creator Tina Fey served as this week’s guest presenter, returning to the sketch show which launched her career.

The pregnant actress reprised her popular impersonation of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and dressed up as Ariel in a spoof of The Little Mermaid.