Book Author’s Suit Against John Travolta Dismissed

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September 27, 2012 | 8:56pm EST

John Travolta has won another major legal victory against the author of salacious book You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again.
Robert Randolph alleged the actor frequented gay bathhouses in the book and then sued Travolta and his lawyer, claiming they attempted to discredit him and his book by spreading media lies about the author’s mental health.
The dispute stemmed from the leak of a letter written to the editors of gossip website, in which Travolta’s attorney Marty Singer claimed Randolph had spent time in mental institutions and suffered from brain damage.
The author cried libel and sued, insisting the remarks “sought to disparage… his reputation,” and “induce members of the public” to believe Randolph was “an unreliable source”.
A judge dismissed the case on Thursday, ruling the letter was a legitimate part of the legal dispute over the book, reports
The judge said, “Defendant Singer has amply established that he sent the 11/23/10 letter to Gawker Media in good faith and in serious consideration of litigation. As such, the letter is privileged.”