Boy George Clashes With Hotel Guest Over Buddhist Chanting

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February 6, 2014 | 7:26am EST

British pop star Boy George clashed with a guest at a New York hotel on Wednesday over a complaint about his Buddhist chanting.
The Culture Club singer returned to the Eastern religion in 2012 after first becoming interested in it in the 1980s and he credits its practise of chanting with helping him straighten his life out after struggling with drug addiction.
However, a fellow guest at his hotel was not so enamoured with the sounds and reportedly complained that the noise from the singer’s room was causing a disturbance.
Taking to his account, the Karma Chameleon hitmaker writes in a series of posts, “I just got told off for chanting too loud in my hotel room! Ha! Oops!… I think the person who moaned has just had breakfast delivered! I might ring and say ‘Keep it down! I can smell bacon! Lol (laugh out loud)!”