Brand Is Healthier Since Dating Perry

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June 8, 2010 | 12:34pm EST

British funnyman Russell Brand is more fit and healthy since committing himself to Katy Perry – because he has more time to go to the gym now he’s only romancing one woman.
The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star has shrugged off his Lothario reputation and embraced monogamy now he is engaged to marry the I Kissed A Girl hitmaker.

Brand admits he has a lot more free time since giving up promiscuity, and he’s using his new-found freedom to sign up to a gym and take up new hobbies, including table tennis.

He says, “I knew as soon as I saw her. My instinct was that I wanted to change myself and not her. And I think that’s a really positive thing… You get a lot more bl**dy exercise (being monogamous), I can tell you that. Yoga, down the gym, table tennis… One of the best parts is that there’s a continual thing.”