Brandon Flowers In Agony After Shoulder Surgery

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September 10, 2012 | 2:11pm EST

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has been left in agony after surgery for a trapped nerve in his shoulder only made matters worse.
The Mr. Brightside rocker suffers from a curved acromion bone in his arm which has caused a painful pinched nerve in his left shoulder.
He went under the knife to fix the problem but the surgery only made his condition worse – and now he struggles to raise his arm above his head, pick up his children, or pump his fist at fans during concerts.
Flowers tells British magazine The New Review, “Some people’s are straight… But mine is curved a little. And eventually it just wore away… It’s pinched a nerve, and so they go in and they saw it straight – the doctor went in three different places, with a little camera and everything… And it’s supposed to be cool. Anyway, it’s worse now than it was before…
“I can’t lift weights, and picking up the kids is hard. Fist-pumping is hard!… I had three cortisone shots before I had the surgery – didn’t do s**t for me! The third was the sorest, it was the tightest – the doctor couldn’t get into the groove between the bones, he was poking with the needle.”