Brand’s Arrest Prompts Immigration Investigation

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September 20, 2010 | 4:10am EST

Russell Brand’s arrest on Friday could jeopardise his blossoming movie career – American immigration officials are investigating the situation and could revoke his visa over the incident.
The British star was detained on suspicion of battery after allegedly attacking a photographer as he walked through Los Angeles International Airport with his fiancee Katy Perry on Friday.

The singer claims Brand was protecting her from snappers who were trying to take an inappropriate photo of her – but the funnyman’s actions could result in a ban from the U.S.

A spokesperson for the US Citizen and Immigration Services tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, “We are looking into this…

“A charge of battery could result in a conviction for an aggravated felony. Any kind of criminal conviction can lead to a visa being revoked.

“If a visa is revoked, the person will then be placed in deportation proceedings and this could lead to them being asked to leave the country and not return.”