Bridges Furious About ‘money’ Shots Of Dying Coleman

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June 10, 2010 | 7:56am EST

Diff’rent Strokes star Todd Bridges has reiterated his hopes that the people responsible for selling and publishing photos of his TV brother Gary Coleman lying comatose in hospital will “burn in hell” – after seeing the shots for himself in the new issue of tabloid the Globe.
The actor checked out the controversial pictures, taken minutes before Coleman’s life support system was switched off on 28 May during an interview with news show Entertainment Tonight.
In a post on Tuesday, Bridges wrote, “I hope someone burns in hell for this one” after learning the photographs were being offered to the media.
Upon seeing the images, which feature on the cover and inside the Globe, he said, “This is horrible, it’s absolutely horrible… I’m not gonna remember him that way.
“I hope that whoever is responsible for this and the people that are involved in this, that are in the pictures, I hope they burn in hell.”
His remarks appear to be a direct attack on Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price who poses with her dying husband in one of the shots.
Price gave doctors permission to turn off her former husband’s life support system minutes after the bedside photo was taken.
Bridges added, “You shouldn’t have been taking pictures, period, of him in that situation. By doing like that (sic), you’re disgusting… What would make you wanna do that.”
Asked why he thinks the photos were taken, the angry former child star raged, “Money, blood money.”
Meanwhile, Price’s spokeswoman insists the final photos her client took with her ex-husband were never supposed to be published.
She says, “Shannon is very hurt by the pictures getting out there.”