Brinkley Delays West End Debut As Mum Is Taken Ill

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July 8, 2011 | 7:00pm EST

Christie Brinkley has been forced to delay her West End debut in Chicago due to a family illness.
The model was scheduled to reprise her role as Roxie Hart on the London stage on Monday, but her mother has been taken to hospital for an emergency medical procedure – and Brinkley has opted to stay in the U.S. so she can be at home with her family.

Amra-Faye Wright, who starred opposite Brinkley in Chicago on Broadway, will return to the West End production on 11 July, as scheduled, and Sarah Soetaert will stay on as Hart until Brinkley joins the company.

A statement from the model reads, “I am very sorry for the inconvenience and changes to the schedule in London. I thank my producers and new castmates for being so flexible and understanding and I look forward to giving it my all in dedication to my loving, generous and supportive parents who set me on this ‘Broadway Adventure’, which now leads me to London’s prestigious West End.”