Brooke Mueller’s Sober Coach Insists She Is Doing Well

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November 13, 2013 | 3:57am EST

The sober coach who is overseeing reality TV star Brooke Mueller’s recovery insists he has no doubt Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife will beat her demons and regain custody of the couple’s twin sons.
Mueller lost custody of the four year olds in May following a drug bust at her home, which prompted her to check into rehab.
Actress Denise Richards, who is another of Sheen’s exes, took on the boys while their mother was seeking help for an ongoing substance abuse problem, but the actress recently insisted she could no longer look after Max and Bob because they were terrorising her daughters and pets.
Last week, the boys’ uncle was handed custody of the twins and he has reportedly moved in to the home Sheen bought for his sister. Mueller has agreed to move out until she wins back custody.
Mueller’s sober coach Carmine Thompson now hopes she gets her sons back soon because his charge is a “great mum”, who has been sober for seven months since her relapse.
He tells news show Entertainment Tonight, “We test her (for drugs) constantly… She is clean and sober.”
Thompson adds, “She is a fantastic mother. It’s refreshing to watch… I think she’s a great parent… If I was a four year old, she’s the kind of mom I would want.”
However, he admits Mueller is still at risk of relapsing again following her most recent stint in rehab – her 20th.
The sober coach says, “Relapse does happen and, in Brooke’s case, that’s an immediate concern.”