Brooks Considers Politics After Haiti Trip

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December 8, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Country star Garth Brooks is considering a run for public office after witnessing the daily struggles for poverty-stricken Haitians firsthand.
The singer/songwriter admits his recent trip to the earthquake-ravaged nation made him realize just how lucky most Americans are – and how easily parts of the country could become mirror images of Haiti.

He tells Country Weekly magazine, “With a few bad decisions, my own country could be in that shape in a few years… If we cannot stop voting on what’s Democratic and what’s Republican instead of what’s right or wrong, we are doomed. Maybe it’ll be up to people like me to make it better.”

Asked if he’d seriously turn his back on music to enter politics, Brooks says, “Yeah, sure! Everyone who’s ever been an employer or a boss is basically leading people, so the thought of leading people doesn’t scare me.”