Bruce Willis Against New US Gun Laws

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February 6, 2013 | 11:26am EST

Bruce Willis is against introducing strict new gun laws in the US, insisting politicians can’t “legislate insanity”.
The Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which gives Americans the right to bear arms, has been called into question following a string of gun rampages in the country.
President Barack Obama has vowed to bring in new restrictions for firearm owners after the horrific shootings of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in December, but Willis is adamant adjusting the Second Amendment would infringe on citizens’ rights.
He tells the Associated Press, “I think that you can’t start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it’s all going to become undone. If you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn’t they take all your rights away from you?”
The Die Hard star also slammed the suggestion that violence in films can inspire real-life events: “No one commits a crime because they saw a film. There’s nothing to support that. We’re not making movies about people that have gone berserk, or gone nuts. Those kind of movies wouldn’t last very long at all.
“It’s a difficult thing and I really feel bad for those families. I’m a father and it’s just a tragedy. But I don’t know how you legislate insanity. I don’t know what you do about it. I don’t even know how you begin to stop that.”