Busy Phillips Struggles To Be A Party Mom

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June 17, 2010 | 8:50pm EST

Motherhood has left actress Busy Phillips rethinking her party plans – because she can never sleep off crazy nights.
The star recently left 22 month old Birdie with a nanny so she could represent hit show Cougar Town at the Monte Carlo TV Festival – but she regretted her decision when her daughterwoke her up two hours after the party ended.

Phillips says, “I’m a mom now and I’m married and so I’ve settled down a bit, but when we were in Monte Carlo there were lots of television actors and younger people, like, from (TV show) 90210. They were like, ‘Let’s rage!’

“So, for one night, I thought, ‘I’ve got my nanny here, I’m going to go rage’, and I did it, and then (at) 7am the next morning – I went to bed at 5! – (Birdie knocks on the door) ‘Mommy mommy’.

“When you become a mom you suck it up, you take some (headache pills) Advil and you have some water and you’re a bit hungover but you have to be a mom.”

However, the actress admits the night was worth it: “It was really fun – we got to meet the Prince of Monaco!”